Sunday, 29 May 2011

about me...

Hello dear friends :)

My name is Ana and I'm portuguese (but my blog is in english). I'm a hobbyist photographer who loves to be creative. When I was a little girl I used to write our family newspaper and I actually became a journalist. I'm retired since 2010 due to health issues but writing was my first way of capturing images and feelings.

I’ve always tried to capture the story behind the curtains and photography opened my horizon into that book of wonders. I simply go with the flow. Also I seek for a sense of harmony in each one of my pictures. Happiness inspire me, anything I find amusing, and many times it's the thrill of what I can do with a certain shot if I get it right.

When I'm outside I'm always thinking how I can tell the story of my day through photography. When I'm home I enter a few photo challenges online (I also have one in my blog that goes on every Friday and it's called 'Earth Wonders'). Each challenge usually have a theme, which makes me be more creative each day so it's truly exciting. Mainly on Wednesdays I feature Photographic {Tours} written by me or by other bloggers. I love to travel but have little chance of doing it so I had this delightful idea of inviting my readers to do a guest post about a day {Tour} through their hometown, sharing its wonders. You can be my next {Tour} guide :)

Since I don’t have many friends who like to be photographed I do street photography. I surprised myself with my own boldness and found out it can be addictive! Now I dream of having a better lens (I only have a 18-105mm) to be able to do it without being so obvious. Photography brought me back to Life when I was lost and is a daily source of fun and inspiration.

I live with four cats and they’re often present in my work. I love to catch them yawning, gives me a sense of magic to be able to get that split of a second. I guess I’m a storyteller and photography makes it a wonderful challenge. thank you for being here. welcome to my wonderland :)