Monday, 27 June 2011


hi :)

I'm Ana and I'm from Portugal. I'm 41 years old, single, and retired due to health issues (so I've a lot of free time ;) I've a Degree in Journalism and I was a journalist for 12 years. writing is my field of creativity (I've even published a book!) doing it in english is a new challenge. I'm very excited about this e-course, since I follow Vicki's work for two years now, and I'm hoping to learn more with her and with you all. these are going to be four amazing weeks!
*I did classical ballet in my youth.


Little Miss Joey said...

I'm sure you'll love it Ana :)
The course is so inspiring and really makes us think and gets our creativity juices going!

I'm also from Portugal :) but I now live in Oxford, UK.

cococita said...

Hi Ana, life as a journalist must have been fascinating. On which topics did you write? I wish I knew a bit more Portuguese, 'cause the link to the website of your book really interests me (as I studied literature). I hope creativity is as helpful for you as it is to me, to cope with your health issues. You will enjoy Raining Umbrellas, that's for sure. Mucha suerte!

Ana Eugenio said...

welcome Joana :) my younger sister lives in London! I've been there last Dec. and I'm going back next September. just for a weekend. a very enriching one. I see you love cats :) I live with five! they're a source of daily fun >.< can't wait to visit your blog as well.

Ana Eugenio said...

yes Elke :) being a journalist was one of the best experiences in my life. I worked in LUSA our News Agency, and in very targeted magazines mostly about Watches and watchmaking (went to Switzerland a lot) and about Parenting and Children (which I loved deeply to write about). I saw on your FB account that you speak Spanish. Portuguese is similar in many words and very different in many others, lol! thank you for your 'good luck' (in portuguese: muita sorte!)