Saturday, 2 July 2011

30 Days Blog Challenge - Day 1

I think this is a funny challenge. found it on Jenny's and decided to do it too. day one is to publish a recent picture of us and write 15 interesting facts about ourselves (this one is tricky, you'll have to tell me if my facts are worthy;) here goes:

01. I'm crazy about cheese! gives me real pleasure to eat it,
02. live 186.4 miles away from all of my portuguese friends,
03. play FarmVille since 2009,
04. lived in Africa when I was one year old,
05. love almost anything with butterflies,
06. never got really married but feel like I had two divorces,
07. rainy days give me a sense of protection (all storms pass),
08. I'm always very concise (have problems being otherwise),
09. believe in Angels but don't believe in God as an entity,
10. would love to have a family of my own,
11. have been lied to too much,
12. love U2, Leonard Cohen and Diana Krall (among others),
13. only remember my life after my sisters were born,
14. don't go on a date for five years now,
15. my father lives in Bourail (New Zealand).


cococita said...

01. me too, I'm a cheese addict, from childhood :-)
04. did you live there for a long time?
06. feel so sorry for you
07. that's a nice approach
09. would love to hear a bit more about it
11. feel so sorry for you. luckily, we have the power the live in the moment and to dream about the future
12. this is lovely music
15. did you ever visit him there?

Ana Eugenio said...

you're such a darling :) and an inspiration! I'll write a post about my God ;) I lived in Africa about two years, don't really remember it. was too little. there was a war and my father was a parachutist there. when my parents got divorced he moved to France, and now he is in Bourail with his wife, but I've never visited them. it's too expensive and our relationship isn't easy. every two or three years he have come to Portugal, during the Summer, and have spend a day with us. seems to be enough. my niece was born in 1996 but he only meet her when she was already a teenager. he made his life abroad. I love him deeply, have great memories of my childhood, before the ghosts of the war started to get him. he has a love and hate relationship with our country and we live here.