Saturday, 30 July 2011

30 Days Blog Challenge - Day 29

in this past month, what have I learned? so MUCH! I started this blog to share the work I would do at Raining Umbrellas and through that experience I found out the pleasure to create again. I learned that I am an artist and that what I do can be inspiring. I found out I am alive! and I took my first steps in photography buying a brand new camera. I learned I am bold enough to photograph people on the street without asking. I learned there is an amazing world of creative women online with whom I can learn and share inspiration. I embraced a reborn passion: photography. I have learned I deserve to be happy again and to live what gives me pure joy :)


syllatham said...

Wonderful words and I very happy to have met you through the start of this journey. Keep up the awesome work and continue to push yourself to create, be inspired, live outside the box, see beauty in the mundane, and embrace all that life has out there for you. I'm so glad to have made a friend from the other side of the world :)
Oh, and I'm excited about being apart of your Photo challenge

Ana Eugenio said...

Hi Sylvia :) so good to read you. you're a special friend too. a truly inspiring one :) I admire you a lot and love all you share in your blog. xoxo