Thursday, 7 July 2011

30 Days Blog Challenge - Day 6

and here it is my childhood favorite super hero: Wonder Woman. my dolls used to have her super powers, flying around the world to bring peace to all. used to watch her every weekend on tv. always loved the idea of having a lace of truth (everyone bound by it would tell the truth! wow!), her amazing pair of indestructible bracelets and the tiara that she used as a boomerang to catch bad guys. and besides all the super powers she was beautiful and could speak with other animals. my cousin (who also have my age) used to play housewives and I used to play Wonder Woman with our dolls. we didn't know how to play together. her dolls were always in the middle of a husband and wife crisis and mines were flying around the room, saving people. lol :) who was your super hero? would love to know! you can find the challenge list here.


Conceição/TMara said...

really I didn't have one. First I read comics books and that was wonderful, after we had TV and it was nice too, but there wasn't "one" as my super hero. Anyway the most neere it was ZORRO figting injustice.
Have a nice day.
Love, mom

Ana Eugenio said...