Monday, 18 July 2011

cococita’s alphabet: h

I like the fact that these letters are green. 'hope' color :) and I love this word and what it stands for. it's what keep us alive. make us grow from a sweet caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly as many times as we allow us to. tomorrow I'll be writing more about my hopes and dreams :) what do you hope for today?


Little Miss Joey said...

I'm hoping I'll have a peaceful night's sleep and wave goodbye to this cold that is trying to attack me :P
Nice letters :)!

Ana Eugenio said...

hi dear :) I've just commented on your blog!! he he he. so cool :) I hope you've a warm and peaceful night too.

cococita said...

@Ana: the butterfly and the colour green together are carefully chosen to illustrate 'hope'. It's nice to have the chance to start again, whenever we want to. That's one of the most fascinating and best things in human life in my opinion.
@Ana & LMJ: Nighty night ladies! I hope for the same for me tonight and for some lovely hours tomorrow and the day after with some dear friends in the city where I used to study (Leuven/Louvain). For the three of us, I hope for some inspiration for Droplets :-) but I'm sure we will succeed! :-)

Ana Eugenio said...

thank you dear :) yesterday I wasn't so pleased with this photo (I added a texture) but today I'm getting used to it, lol. I hope you have an awesome day Elke :) xoxoxo