Saturday, 9 July 2011

cococita’s alphabet: r

I love to be home when it rains. makes me be grateful and feel safe. but right now I dream of a sunny day to go out and photograph. today I woke up with no clue for a 'r' word and then I opened my window and saw the 'rain'. there it was the world giving me a hint. rainy days usually remind me of our family Winters. my mother would be painting something (and we loved to watch her) and my father would go out and buy us some treats to eat in the afternoon. sweet days. rainy days also remind me of my first boyfriend who used to walk in the rain without umbrella (just enjoying it). I learned that from him. it was our rebellion thing. we were 12 and all we did was talk a lot and walk together hand in hand. miss that innocence.

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