Monday, 25 July 2011

cococita’s alphabet: a

when I wrote this list I said I 'believe in Angels but don't believe in God as an entity'. already wrote about God here, and today I'm going to write about Angels. the way I feel it at least. like the song says 'I believe in Angels, something good in everything I see. I believe in Angels, when I know the time is right for me'. in 2008 I lost most of my Faith but since then I realized I didn't loose my belief in Angels. in the darkest moments I speak with my guardian Angel. when I started teaching Reiki in 2004, I also started meditating and soon I began channeling the Angels. my heart was wide open to Love and my path was full of Light. I believe there are three worlds on Earth: the Human, the Angelic and the Elemental. and each one of us has a "team" of Light that works and grows with us. I learned with the Angels how to attune our vibration with that "team" again, since many of us forgot how to connect. and I started a course named 'Therapy of Light' where I give those attunements to heal our Light and allow us to work closer with our Angels. our siblings of Light. I've a blog were I share some of those teachings. I've been in the middle of a storm the last three years and I'm still learning how to get out of it but I feel truly blessed to realize I didn't loose the ability to see the beauty around me. I still feel blessed :)


cococita said...

Beautifully written Ana and it makes me even more curious. You know, you breathe this spirituality in your artistic creations ... I can feel it when I have a look at them and also when I read your words. To me, your ideas and your 'belief' (if this is the right word for it in your opinion) are really fascinating. What do you mean by elemental? The four elements or something else? And are you still teaching reiki and giving the course you mentioned? I admire you for not giving up and seeing the beauty. That's leading the life of 'an artist in living'. 'Joie de vivre' is so important (and I like the expression; only pronouncing the word makes me happy).

Ana Eugenio said...

:) an elemental is known as a mythological being. there are four types: gnomes and fairies (earth), undines or Nymphs (water), sylphs (air) and salamanders (fire).

I feel it's a belief because I don't own the Truth. I still teach Reiki and Therapy of Light online. I've a blog with all my courses, here: I used to have a room in my home, at Lisbon, where I teached during the weekend and did therapies during the week, now I don't have that strenght. was my income and my 'joie de vivre' :)

I don't feel I've that happiness now. I've found a little bit of it in photography but it's just starting to grow.