Friday, 29 July 2011

Droplets Assignment

I've already published some ideas for the cover of my book but this is more what I had in mind. would love to know your opinion :) here is the story behind the title: for ten years that Clarêncio rings the morning bell. every day. at six in the morning. sharp. the echo of the chimes starts the flocks. the village receives the new day. preparing the crops. between the sparkle of the stars and the first hints of sun. still life extends to the hearth and already Clarêncio feels the dew. anticipates the dawn. feeds the dogs. leaves the sheep in the pasture. and goes to the village. secure of his way. aware of the responsibility. of his encharges. every day. carries a small bag of linen. runs through the fields. enters the churchyard. climbs the staircase leading up to the tower. and announces the day. for ten years that Clariana expects him for breakfast. looking forward to the sweetness that the linen covers.

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