Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Monday In The Life 2011

a glimpse of yesterday...

morning started with Kuki waiting to check the rest of the house...

... and Guini came to eat the leftovers.

my beautiful mother :)

Kuki always asks to drink tap water >.<

Cléo loves my chair!

lunch time :P

spent most of the afternoon practising Photoshop.

still had time to go to the greenhouse nearby...

and bought myself an amazing hibiscus :)

I'll be doing a digital scrapbook when the project is over. this week I'll just publish a glimpse of each day.


The Art Bunny said...

What a lovely day. Wish I had time to do this project. I spent most of yesterday doing housework and then went to work so my day was rather boring! Your lunch looks like it was yummy and that's a very pretty flower you bought :) xx

Ana Eugenio said...

:) I thought my day didn't have much to tell. glad you find it interesting, hun. my mother does a great chicken meatloaf and that is what we had yesterday. it was yummy indeed :)

Conceição/TMara said...

Nice pictures of the day.
Kiss, mom.