Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tuesday In The Life 2011

a glimpse of yesterday...

texting a message to my doctor. he called one hour later. he is the best :)


Guini last hour with us

going to the vet

saying goodbye (see you soon)

lunch (about 2:30pm)

the clock on my group therapy room

no cat resists a clean litter >.<


myfantasticlife said...

Wow that looks like a particularly tough day. Hang in there! Jenny

kkkkaty said...

I like how you are moving on to new adventures with your camera, documenting the days and beginning new things...I am at a standstill here but hope to be busy again after August and vacation time.

Vicki Dvorak said...

Ana, I'm so so sorry about your cat. :( Praying for you and sending a hug your way.

Ana Eugenio said...

:) thank you all for your kind and positive words. I'm sad I didn't have my camera when she was healthy, she was the most serene cat I've ever known. we were blessed to have her with us.

@Kathy, I just saw your drawings and they're amazing!

Denise said...

How sad...sorry for your loss.

Ana Eugenio said...

thank you dear. I try to remember myself she doesn't suffer anymore but I truly miss them.