Sunday, 3 July 2011

who is God?

first of all I would like to highlight that this post is just my belief. yesterday I wrote a list of 15 personnal facts as part of a blog challenge and the 9th fact (I believe in Angels but don't believe in God as an entity) arose interest. so I decided to develop a little more about the subject. just imagine ;)

I don't feel God as an entity (and that doesn't make my life easier). to me God is the uniqueness of all that exists. I like this example: imagine God as a beach. each piece of sand is a living being. God is everything. since we got used to duality: man and woman, life and death, we think God is an entity apart from ourselves. to me each one of us (as a piece of sand) is a part of God (the all beach). the power of creation is real in each and everyone of us. we're creating what we believe to be true in our lives. since many of our beliefs are emotional, sometimes we find it hard to understand them. the idea of the divinity being apart from our humanity shirk our responsability from the outcome. I believe each one of us is a piece of sand. God is the beach. and this is the greatness of our insignificance. what protect us is the Harmony of all that exists, not an entity.


Conceição/TMara said...

I feel and think the same way but I'll ilustrated this unity with: "sea" (well you know how I love sea) And this believe make my life easier. I'm responsable,even when someone hearts me does so because I left. In some way I left it happen to me so I'm responsable. I see life like a quest to be a better person until I furffil,learn and understand myself as a part of divine. Life is divine.
Love mom

Ana Eugenio said...

Love you too :)

cococita said...

Thanks for sharing your belief Ana. And thanks for sharing your belief too, mom of Ana :-) It's an interesting approach. Would be nice to discuss it live, with some cheese or with a cup of tea ;-) And indeed, life is divine and we are responsable!
I'm also interested in your opinion about Angels Ana. What they mean to you, why you believe in them, etc. Quite fascinating I think ... Btw: thx for your comment on my 'Z'. I've posted a reply :-)

Ana Eugenio said...

I'll write about Angels one of these days. will have to talk about my life, need some time to process. I've a blog about an Angelic course I created: (it's dedicated to both my grandmas). 'Terapia da LUZ' means LIGHT Therapy or healing of our own Light. it's part of my path :)

cococita said...

Just had a look at it. Looks really interesting, intriguing and fascinating, although I can't understand everything because of the Portuguese :(
PS: LUZ is a one of the words I really love, for years and years. Because I have something with Light and because of the beautiful sound of the word.

Ana Eugenio said...

I agree with you :) LUZ is a beautiful word. thank you for your interest dear :)

Patrick said...

I can see that you been busy. Your writing is good, it has a conversational style, it is as if we are sitting somewhere and you are telling me about yourself.

While I hold a different view of God than you, your expression of how you see Him was complete and well placed. I can see how anyone could see God like that, the challenge with God the Father is few fathers achieve anything like the image that is portrayed in the Bible. Plus many of those who teach or preach, can not seem to help but place limits on who God is.

To me God is a being who is outside time and space, because to be inside time and space is to be limited and potentially effected by both. Nothing is beyond His control or beyond His notice. He could fix all our problems in an instant, but then He would have to take from us one gift He gave us, that He sitting waiting for us to give back, free will. Free will is the rock God cannot lift, because He will not take it from us, because He will not allow Himself to take it from us.

Free will is a coin with 3 heads, the one head is beautiful and joyous, the other is ugly and painful, and the third is blank a void, the darkest of them all; we have the option of choosing to do any of them all the time. They all carry consequences resulting from the actions of the choosing.

The opposite of love is not hate; hate and love are brother and sister. They both containing caring, you have to care to hate. The opposite of love is apathy, the absence of caring. God is the opposite of apathy, which is why he can be vengeful and loving at the same time. Parents discipline their children to train them in right and wrong, creating consequences for unacceptable actions to remove their natural selfishness. Giving rewards for actions that are acceptable, but doing both out of love for the child,

Loving parents discipline and reward their children to help them learn to care for others, rather than just themselves. It is simply complicated and complicatedly simple. It is the yin and yang symbol of the Asian culture. Selfishness is the core of all true evil in the world. You will find it everywhere.

Sorry, just thoughts, not necessarily all connected.

Have a lovely day.

God bless, be safe.

Ana Eugenio said...

I like your God too. thank you for sharing :)) very wise thoughts that made me think from your point of view. to me the opposite of love is fear. that is why relationships don't work. people fear losing and can't love at the same time. fear of loneliness is the basis of many relationships. there's no love in it. in a way there is the absence of caring, because when someone is afraid of loneliness they only think about their needs. God bless you too. have an awesome day :)

Debby said...

Hi Ana - is it too late to hop on board here...?? I love how you describe god, and it's so similar to what I think... that we and god are one, not separate. Love the metaphor of the beach and sand. Thanks for what you write. And btw, talking about it over cheese and tea sounds absolutely divine (no pun intented!). Great idea, Cococita ;))

Ana Eugenio said...

:) lol, tea or cheese it is then. feels good to get back to previous posts with such great company. you're welcome to hop on board at any time dear :) xoxo