Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Capturing Moments with ME!

YAY! today I've been featured in one of the most delicious photographic communities I know. you can read my moments here :) 'These Moments' is a blog administrated by Joey and Kate but it's made by all of us. is a place to share the moments of our everyday life. there is beauty to be found in each and every moment of our daily life, and that is what this wonderful place is all about. everyone is invited to share their photographs on the flickr group and a selection is usually posted at the blog.


cococita said...

I love the way you wrote in this post about capturing moments Ana. It's nice to read about the motivation and the inspiration for your photography. Keep up the good work and challenge yourself and us, I will continue saying this :) x

Ana Eugenio said...

:) I love that you continue to inspire me. thank you so much for your comment here. I know I've already said this but you have the gift to make people feel special and that makes you special. I'm so happy we're friends :)