Monday, 8 August 2011

The Skirts Assignment “Portraits”

* mouse over to see the before *

my dear mother, who always let me practice and photograph her :)


Little Miss Joey said...

It's lovely of your Mother to be your model all the time :)

Your photos are improving daily, Ana. Instead of commenting on each of the posts below, I thought I'd say it here instead, because that's what I notice as I flick through the posts - the improvement in your photos. Keep at it!


Joey x

Ana Eugenio said...

thank you dear Joey :) it means a lot you saying this. you're a sweetheart :) xo

Kia said...

Ciao Ana, so glad you did find the java script for the before/after effect! :) I must learn how to do it myself, coz right now I do wait for hubby (Zeno) to do it for me at our blog. I can be sooo lazy at times, LOL!
Beautiful portrait and processing! :) My mom is like me: camera shy ;)
Good night and sweet dreams, and thanks for your visit.

Ana Eugenio said...

thank you dear Kia :) my mother is sweet, she doesn't like to be photographed but she let me do it anyway. I'm going to do a tutorial on the before/after effect ;) right away...