Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Xmas in August

* mouse over to see my lovely pillow *

YUPEE! today I received such a treat in my mailbox! I'm so happy :) dear Lily from The red notebook had a giveaway a week ago and I won it! me!! moi!! I was so surprised, lol. and today I'm so excited! thank you so much, it's behond my wildest dreams! I immediately loved the envelope with all those beautiful stamps and the lovely cat (she knows how much I adore them ;) and the delicious butterfly. and when I opened it there was more then one gift. I got four treats all at once! the dreamy pillow cover (that you can see if you mouse over the photo), a floral picture, a chocolate bar (love the cappuccino flavour) and the sweet red bag where it came wrapped. Lily's blog is three years old and full of whimsical photos. worth to be bookmarked and followed :)


cococita said...

so nice! enjoy these beautiful presents! x

Ana Eugenio said...

:) thank you dear. Lily did them herself! truly gifted. I'm going to have sweet dreams with these little birds singing a lullaby and the lovely scent of the flowers ;)

Conceição/TMara said...

really a sweet gesture and precious gifts. I also thank Lily.
Love, mom.