Thursday, 8 September 2011

Day 08: A bad habit

I don't do my bed every day. now you know. that is my bad habit. I usually leave it like this and some days I take a nap in the morning or after lunch (or both). I just turn my pillow up so no cat sleep on it. and I don't vaccum my room every week. I used to be very perfectionist about cleaning and when I first had my cat I used to vaccum my house every other day to be fur free. now honestly I simply don't care anymore. we've four cats!


The Art Bunny said...

He he, it is a very rare occasion for me to make the bed. I get up before my husband so he is last to get out of bed and he never makes it. But to be honest apart from when I'm sleeping I don't spend any time in my bedroom as there is nothing much in there apart from the bed. My wardrobe isn't even in my bedroom!

Ana Eugenio said...

:) thank you dear! feels good not being alone on this one. lol :)