Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 18: My shoes

would you believe if I told you it's all I have?


kkkkaty said...

I would like to think you have more pairs of shoes, as most women love them, and want something for every occasion, like high heels or different colors...but I would believe you if you told me this because in Portugal if you don't have a high paying job, most likely you are getting by with what you have and save for more important things than fashion. But you can still have your own style! I think this is true in many countries, including the U. S., when the middle class has shrunk the world is in a recession. But what do I know, really?

Ana Eugenio said...

you're so right dear Kathy! my pension is less than our minimum wage. I bought my camera with two years of savings. if I didn't have my mother I wouldn't be able to pay a room and eat. I would only be able to do one of those things. I'm very blessed in my life because thanks to my mother I can still use my income to have a hobby and learn new things.