Friday, 2 September 2011

Photographic {Tour} ~ Hannover, Germany

YAY! I'm so happy to have Lily as my first guest post! after reading her story and dreaming about the lovely views of Hannover, visit her blog to continue your {Tour}...

Hannover is my hometown.I have lived here the most part of my adult life. Starting to live in this town was not easy for me. I came to Hannover fresh after finishing school. I did not know a soul in this town. It was so big compared to the little village I came from.

It took some patience on my side. Today I love to live here. Hannover has a good public transportation system so you can go nearly everywhere by plane, train, bus, ... and important for me: Hannover has so much green. 

There are a lot of trees at the roadsides, we have a lot of parks, riversides, lakesides. You can hear birds singing their songs in the morning. And most important: My hubby lives here, that gives it a big plus.

When you live in one place it is very often you are so busy that you do not take the time to see the beauty of your hometown. You are perhaps only afraid that your bus takes longer coz there is construction in the street.
Hey, you have only this life. When not now when will you look for the beauty and not complain?

You are perhaps looking forward to seeing your friends and family in a far away place. You miss them and that is o.k., but all you have to live is now and here. And believe me, when you search for beauty you will see it now and here.

Look around you!


Lily said...

Thank you!

kaye said...

beautiful place, love the photo's.

Ana Eugenio said...

I'm the one who is grateful dear @Lily :)
@Kaye, this post is Lily's credit, I'm just the lucky host.