Friday, 23 September 2011

YAY! playing with the camera

I'm doing a photography workshop in the evening. this is our view from the classroom.

this week we learned how to do the white balance in manual mode. here is the camera shoot, before...

... and after I did the white balance with the street light. amazing! took this shot with no flash at 10:30pm!

the teacher helping us

once again, the white balance worked perfectly!

here we also played with the shutter speed to get some blurry effect.

no flash again, just manual white balance. last night I had some fun :)


cococita said...

Glad you had this YAY-feeling after the first photography session. Wow, you will learn a lot! So happy for you! I like the teacher :) and I like your experiments. Does the workshop take place in your town? So many lights: I love that!
Hopefully for you there will be a change soon in your therapy sessions, 'cause it must feel quite frustrating. Can't you choose another therapist? Wishing you all the best and a nice weekend! Happy beginning of Autumn! Beautiful season to take photos and to play with your new lens! All these beautiful leaves and autumn fruits :) x

Ana Eugenio said...

:) yes, the workshop is in Porto. at the old part of the city. leaves in Portugal don't turn yellow or red. one day they're green and the next they're brown and dry. our Autumn in the city is very grey. that's the color of the sky today. this light makes me sleepy, lol :) London was full of flowers, despite the rain. we don't have that here.

The Art Bunny said...

I love that view from your classroom, the lights and the rooftops are very picturesque. That's great you are doing a photography workshop. I've thought about attending one a few times but my photography lately has taken a bit of a backseat. Hope you have a great weekend Ana! :)

kkkkaty said...

I love the view from the classroom, Ana!

myfantasticlife said...

Just beautiful. Particularly love the view from the classroom.

George | Postcards said...

Thanks for posting your wonderful shots. I like the first photo and I was wondering, what camera did you use to capture this beautiful scenery?

Ana Eugenio said...

Hi dearests @Rachel, @Kathy and @Jenny :) I've one more week there. I'll try to take some more! xoxo
@George, I've a Nikon D90 since last July. I'm doing a workshop this month to learn how to use it manually.
thank you all for your lovely comments :) make my day. I read them all, always.