Monday, 7 November 2011

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the Coat of Arms of Lisbon roots deep in legend, history and myth, going back to Middle Ages. after the iconographic reading we can acknowledge a relation with the Legend of St. Vincent martyrdom , whose relics, always followed by two crows, would have docked south, at Sagres Cape (now also known as St.Vincent Cape). King Afonso Henriques ordered them to be brought to the recently conquered city of Lisbon, in 1176, to add to the city’s prestige and glory. because of this, the Capital city of Portugal has, in its Coat of Arms, this symbol at least since the XIIIth Century. the ship, in its several representations (barge, canoe, caravel, nau (typical Portuguese ship from the discoveries period, smaller than a galleon but larger than a barge), and the two crows, one at bow and the other at stern, have been a constant image and we can find them through the city.


Lui said...

Wow, what an interesting information! Love it!

LauraX said...

Lovely photo, I love the feels as though I'm standing there with you looking up.

Grandma Deal said...

This is an interesting bit of history. And a lovely photograph.

Pat said...

How interesting! That's lovely wrought iron work.

lisa said...

This is really lovely Ana, and thank you so much for the history behind it!

Thank you too for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!