Monday, 7 November 2011

Photographic {Tour} ~ Lisbon, Portugal

last Friday morning we left Porto, by train...
* submission for Give Me Your Best Shot, focus52 *
me and my mother on our journey South
we arrived in Lisbon three hours later...
I love its wide squares and avenues :)
and how everything is ancient and dreamy (Rossio train station)
we had a stop for an ice-cream, some shopping and soon it was dark!
Baixa-Chiado subway station
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at the hotel room ;)
Saturday had a thai massage and lunched with two sweet friends. my body played a trick on me and had to spend the afternoon at the hotel. wasn't feeling good. but had a creative day around Pinterest ;)
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Sunday morning was sunny and we went downtown to shoot on the daylight
Terreiro do Paço
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old tram and new :)
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I used to go to school in one of these!
Sunday was my mother's b'day and a very special day to me too but that is another story :)


Valeria said...

Saudades de Lisboa... great trip, nice photos.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

What a fantastic journey!!! I love that photo of you with your mom! Beautiful!

kkkkaty said...

Thank you for sharing, Ana.

Dominique@Dominique's Desk said...

Those are really lovely photos.. love the architecture of the place.

cococita said...

The photo of you and your mother is absolutely fabulous, and the others make me want to come over to Porto. Such a beautiful city! I am impressed and I do love the trams (LMJ's photography of them made me love them, but seeing your photos, this love is growing and growing ...)
I am so curious about your Sunday: tell me more tell me more! :)
Happy belated Birthday to your mom: she looks so good! x

Veronica said...

Love your photo tour. what fun to travel with your mom! Still a place I would like to visit.


Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

Arija said...

Happy birthday to your mother for Sunday. Lovely trip to Lisbon with all the beautiful sights.

Jenni C's said...

looks like an amazing city, greetings from Cape Town South Africa..

Indrani said...

Great views!
Happy birthday to your mom!

tinajo said...

Looks like a nice trip! :-)

Genie said...

What a fabulous excursion you all must have had. So much to see and do even if your body was not too happy there for a while. Your photos of the old architecture and landscape are stunning. I especially like the shot where you were looking straight up at the sky when you clicked the shutter. That one is awesome. Great post this week. genie

Tammy said...

Hi Ana :)
I enjoyed your tour. Is that a tiled road?! Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing you journey at Behind the Camera!

Ana Eugénio said...

:) no it's not tiled. those are real stones. the portuguese pavement is an art. check this link sweetie: :)

heavenlyginger said...

Beautiful!! Looks fantastic!

Jan @twoscoopz said...

You used to go to school in that? How cool is that?!
Great shots!

syllatham said...

Haven't been to Portugal, yet, but thanks for the wonderful tour! As always you have a wonderful eye and make some beautiful photographs! I know you have asked me to be apart of your site by doing a tour of my lil town and linking up...after seeing this I may just have to give it a shot. Would be fun. I will let you know...I will start collecting some pictures. As always, it was wonderful in Wonderland :)