Saturday, 10 December 2011

ten on ten

woke up and took my morning pills...
... and cleaned the cats litter.
had some breakfast (these are so delicious I even eat them as dessert)
went out for a walk.
it's a raining Saturday...
... not to cold though!
came back home.
pay attention, there is a cat inside ;)
finally! started my sketchbook project. yay!
learned a few weeks ago (on Nancy's blog) this is a Xmas cactus! beautiful :) 

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Lily said...

What did you do with your sketchbook projekt?

Have a great weekend!

Ana Eugénio said...

I started doing it today, sweetie. that's what I've done! I've the book since August and have to finish it until the end of the month. xxo

Dawn said...

I love the photo with the reflection of the tree! And the cat's eyes in his house! I also have a Christmas cactus, but mine hasn't bloomed yet. The flower is so pretty! Have a great weekend.

Ms. Becky said...

I'm in the midst of my own ten on ten! your day looks lovely, don't you just love ten on ten! thanks for sharing Ana. happy weekend to you.

Leanne said...

Pretty reflections in that puddle. That's what i love about rainy days.

cococita said...

YAY! You started to work on your Sketchbook ... Would love to see the first page(s) dear Ana! I still have to work on mine too ... Had a plan: working on two pages every week ... but I didn't manage to do it, so still a lot of pages to fill, but I do have plenty of ideas :) xxx