Friday, 16 December 2011

Xmas stars

today we went to IKEA and I bought these stars that are now hanging on my window. I also bought one vanilla fragranced candle and now my room is full of light and smells so good. my sister wants to rent the room where most of my things were, since I left my life behind in 2008. so now I've my room (the one where I actually live in) with all the clothes from when I had less weight. with the medication I doubled my weight in six months. already lost a lot but not enough to get inside my old pants and dresses. well, I'm rambling. I was trying to understand the bokeh tecnique and discovered this instead. I like it (maybe because the room smells vanilla and I feel so comfy). I was playing with the aperture and the shutter speed got really slow and from there, instead of going for a bokeh picture, I had fun drawing my movements while holding the camera. tonight I'm happy with these little things. and I hope you enjoy this photo too. xxo


Tezzie said...

Love that! Such a cool effect :)

Lily said...

It is beautiful!

Life is changing, transforming, good things and bad things.
Stay in the moment. Observe your breath. This moment is all you have.
It is yours. Enjoy.

Lily said...

I found a star!

Ana Eugénio said...


Diana said...

Love your banner. Great blog. Met you on Picture the Holidays!