Friday, 13 January 2012

Earth Wonders ~ Photo Challenge | Fruit

welcome back to a new photo challenge NOW ON FRIDAYS :)

this fortnight's theme is: FRUIT, and you're ALL invited.

how it works? it's easy.
1) simply post your photo on your blog or flickr stream. or anywhere you share your images.
2) don't forget to backlink in your post, to let others know what you're joining.
3) then hop over here and share your name, email and permalink to the post.
4) take notice that our next theme is: VEGGIES.

if it's your first time, check out the details and themes (there is also a button if you wish to use one) HERE.


Libbi H. said...


cococita said...

Your photo showes one of the reasons why I'd live in a southern region. Lovely to see hanging these fresh fruits ... The glimpse of blue makes me smile as it has been very grey here the last couple of days, but today the Belgian sun is shining as well and the sky looks baby blue ... Longing for spring already!
Hope you are feeling better Ana, step by step ... Take good care of yourself!

Linda R. said...

Sounds like fun.. Your tree look so pretty. I do hope you are feeling better!

Hugs, Linda

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

A lovely shot of some delicious fruit -- :)

Oh, and I finally received your Xmas postcard in the mail, Ana. Thank you soooo much. It's gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend, dear.

Ms. Becky said...

oh yes! I rec'd my postcard also, so thank you for that Ana. it arrived just the other day. it put a smile on my face and I've tucked it away in my remembrance drawer for special items. I hope you're feeling a bit better. you and I share a history with strong pharmaceuticals. I liberated myself from them a few years ago and have never felt better than now. it was a long road, but worth it. I don't know your particular circumstance, but the energy of Reiki changed my life forever. happy weekend Ana. take good care now.

Ms. Becky said...

I didn't submit this week because I had no fruit photos, but I look forward to participating in coming weeks. I love those that were submitted - delicious! my fave is Day One.

Kia said...

Sweet capture, Ana!
Hope you are feeling well now. :)

Tina´s PicStory said...

very nice pic ☺ thanks for hosting!