Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Time Capsule by Ana Eugénio

my first time capsule: my mother, niece, sisters, me (to remember I can be pretty) and my furr baby
if you were to take six images to represent your day, to place in a time capsule to look at again in years to come, what would you shoot? remember it doesn't have to be special, it just has to mean something to you... something you want to hold onto... something to remember and treasure, to put in your imaginary time capsule.


cococita said...

Love this idea and will take some time to think about it ... :)
Thanks for sharing Ana! How are you feeling these days?

Anonymous said...

Just love it sis : D

Becs said...

Lovely collage, beautifully done.

Linda Kittmer said...

I love how you've used the snapshot look. Very nice! And you ARE pretty! :0)