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Earth Wonders Interview... Christian @ Eskimo Kiss Photography

Untitled Untitled Earth Between My Toes

gear: Canon XTi
Canon 50 mm, f1.8
Canon 18-135, f3.5-5.6

blog: To Chance Upon Beauty
shop: Eskimo Kiss

God's Jewelry~ Entangled Untitled j a s m i n e

Christian is my friend and an awesome photographer. we have a photoblog together: sixty-two. I invited her to start this feature because she is also one of the most active members of the Earth Wonders flickr group and this is all about it too. to know who's behind the camera on the group. this is the first of many interesting interviews ;) these are some of the photos she added to the group. enjoy :)

when did you first picked up a camera, and what kind was it?
Probably about five. I remember playing with an old 110 camera of my mom's. It had flash bulbs she had to buy. Then I remember in junior high asking for a Poloroid for Christmas from my dad. I took lots of really awful photos with that!

Cuddling Goats Strong and gentle beauty. Pony

if you were a song, which song would you be?
I love Elton John's Tiny Dancer so much.

do you have a favorite poem? what poet inspires you?
Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein :) Emily Dickenson inspires me.

what is your favorite subject and why?
Definitely art. I love having beautiful things around me.

what is your favorite season and why?
It's always been Winter. I love the smell of fireplaces and I LOVE Christmas!!!

Thankful for a weekend breakfast Traveling down the Sassafras river. Punkins' Corn Cob

if you could what advice would you give to yourself ten years ago?
I'd actually reverse that. I used to have more fun with art and crafting and didn't take myself too seriously. Now I tend to be more hard on myself. I wish I could grab back that part of my old self.

if you could put a soundtrack to your life, what songs would you include?
- Lucky Star, Madonna - The very first music video I ever saw.
- Beat It, Michael Jackson - I made my mom drive around the block over and over until this was done on the radio.
- Happy Birthday, - Stevie Wonder - I love him so. He dedicated this to Martin Luther King, Jr.
- Such Great Heights - Postal Service and I Want You Back - The Jackson 5 - Remind of me and my sweetie.

thank you so much dear Christian for showing us some of your magic. xxo

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Christian said...

thanks so much ana! you are wonderful and I truly admire you so this is a big treat for me! i can't wait to see and read your upcoming interviews! <3