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Earth Wonders Interview... Ewa M. Bakrac (Kuki)

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gear: i just upgraded to nikon d90 with nikkor 18-105mm lens and trying to get the most of it, i've got a long learning process ahead of me as this is my first dslr ever, i used to take my photos with panasonic point&shoot, although i was always trying my best to use it in manual mode. upgrading to dslr is a big step for me for sure! i also use smena8 and petri7 for my film photography (rare!!) and my smartphone for instagram snaps (you cand find me there @_kuki)

I'm happy to present you Ewa who is behind the camera as 'kuki' (my cat's name, lol). Ewa is one of the top five active members of the Earth Wonders flickr group. I feel really blessed since this is the third interview already ;) these are some of the photos Ewa added to the group. enjoy :)

when did you first picked up a camera, and what kind was it?
i guess that i have had a camera companion as long as i remember. of course they were not a top shelf cameras, just randoms that i suppose you could find in every house, in every family. plastic, full auto mode film cameras, we used to call them 'fools'... but i remember photographing a lot, well - 24 or 36 exposures carefully selected, i used to call them my 'artsy' photographs and everybody used to love them haha :)

what is your favorite time of day?
in terms of everyday life is any time i'm not at work (meaning my regular job five days a week, we're not really for each other) favourite time for photography is the golden hour lately as i'm discovering all its goodness, although i like to pick up my camera all the time, all depending on what i see and when i see it.

so long, november i bring you spring roses vanilla strawberry ice cream
♥ did it again. red leaves. * * * glow
fallen here i am orange is the new green dream of spring

do you have a favorite poem? what poet inspires you?
i don't have a favourite poem. to be honest, i'm not really a poetry person. i am more inspired by people and their deeds, mostly by talented photographers around, people like me, or should i say women like me, mamas with some ambition, finding the photography as an inseparable part of their lives.

if you could be a flower, what flower would you be?
challenging question it is :) i guess it's not about which one i'd like to be, it's the matter of comparing myself to one. you know the one that looks pretty, smells pretty & is perfect for any occasion but can also hurt you, even if it's not on purpose? yep. the rose. that's the one.

what is your favorite subject and why?
oh, since i become a mother, almost eight years ago for the first time, and four years ago the second time - my lovely kiddos! i reckon that's the most popular answer you'll ever get from a photog mama. my kids definitely, maybe it's because they are always here. i used to love shooting everything looking pretty, or in pretty light. it turned out just couple of months ago that i prefer faces over still life and decided to get onto the portraiture path. i am currently trying to grow my own business of on-location people photography and i do hope it will go in the direction i've imagined.

what is your favorite season and why?
definitely spring and sunny autumn. and summer. and snowy winter :) i like all of them, as long as it's not raining heavily as it's not really good for going out and taking photos obviously ;)

if you could what advice would you give to yourself ten years ago?
i would definitely made myself to take up a proper photography training, all because 10 years ago i HAD time to concentrate on it and get the best of it. i would probably consider focusing on people more than on still life and to refine my technique since then. but most important piece of advice i'd give to myself back then is something i learnt just recently - chase the dream no matter what and don't compare yourself to others. amen.

do you have a motto that you live by?
yes, that's what i said above -- chase your dream, even if it seems a hard work to do because it will come true only if you won't let it slip away. and --- comparison killed a photographer, lol :)

thank you dear Ewa for sharing your dreams and creativity. dear reader, if you live in Bristol (UK) here's one amazing photographer. fancy a different kind of photo shoot in a nice informal set-up? get in touch here :)

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Mary said...

Summer...even though I complain that it is hot...I love the growing season here. I live in extreme seasons...snow and ice in winter, to hot, sun of summer. But I love the summer vacation from school. I have always been a student, produced students (my children) or been a summer has a fun feel to it. Freedom! I'm pleased to meet you from A Rural Journal.

Debbie said...

a great read for a new follower!!