Sunday, 26 August 2012

home with a view and a surprise

my new home have sixteen doors!! they're so many that I was curious and counted them. half of the house gets the sunrise and the other half the sunset. it's my favorite distribution of light. in a couple of weeks I'll be waking up with the sunrise on my window. this is the view from my room. (big, happy smile). looks like a rural neighborhood doesn't it!? whilst I'm in the center of a city. with traffic and buses runing through our street. we can see and hear them in the balconies (on the sunset half of the house). our rooms are already painted all white and we only need to do the electricity and water accounts to start moving in. hopefully all will be taken care this new week ahead. 

today, while I was at the house I found a little present my mother bought for our kitties. she wanted to be a surprise for me too, but unfortunately it wasn't really hidden and I found it. she bought four new beds for them. so sweet.

I hope you're having a beautiful day :) xxo


Christian said...

So excting Ana! It sounds dreamy!

Jacquelineand.... said...

It sounds delightful! Keeping fingers crossed you can get in this week...and wasn't it sweet of your Mom to get new kitty beds!