Friday, 31 August 2012

I'm back dearests!!

almost three days without internet and no television!! I've been so busy that I didn't have time to acknowledge their absence, but I sure missed reading you and knowing everyone is well. yay! I'm back!

the pink flower is from our balcony :) fresh from the morning. the days are so hot that by noon they were all dry. the kittie in the window is Kuki, my life companion. the second row starts with Rá, the tinyest cat you can imagine. next is Axé, the male of the house. and, last but not least, my sweetheart Cléo. they are masters of the house already. in only one day!

I'm so excited to have access to the blog again that I don't know what to say! silly me!! my days are full of stuff but nothing original, packing, unpacking. these last couple of days I managed to have access to my facebook page on my old cellphone, so I texted and uploaded photos this morning. 

I woke up listening to the roosters greeting the sunrise. now I've the full moon looking at me. I woke up by the time the church bells start ringing and I heard them play Avé Maria. always so neat. the moon is gorgeous! if you're on the North hemisphere check it out. we have a clear sky. my window looks like a movie screen: huge and only shows beautiful pictures.

I've a theory about this house. obviously: good karma. amongst other things, for a year now that I do giveaways but no one buy my prints. so I've been giving and it was time to receive: I got this house! I believe karma works this way. not what we want, but exactly what we need. I'm so happy to be back!! yay! xxo


Nancy Claeys said...

I imagine your new home will present new and exciting blogging opportunities Ana. :)

Kia said...

Enjoy the new house, Ana! :) How are your cute cats liking it?
Glad you could see the Blue Moon, have a happy weekend.