Sunday, 19 August 2012

My Saturday in Town

went out with my sister, my niece and a friend. we lunched at Miguel Bombarda, a street that is an inspiration with all its art galeries and graffitis. the days are hot again. we stopped to buy some water and I got their feet. love the photo, is so relaxed. then we wondered around downtown, stopping where it pleased us and me shooting what I could. here it's forbidden to photograph almost everything inside public places. so we figured out the best approach is don't ask just shoot, you might get lucky. every time I ask I get a no for an answer. when I don't ask I have no problem. one example, at the Hotel de Paris we got in to see the lobby, and it's dreamy. I even shoot that old telephone machine (don't know what it's called) to pass the calls to each room. it is closed in a glass box to protect from dust but we can still get the picture. I didn't ask to photograph it and I could. but on the way out I asked to photograph the ring bell on the counter and obviously I got a no as an answer. two steps further I shoot the exit stairs and everyone could see and hear what I was doing and no one said a thing. I really don't get it. the blue nuns where at Vida Portuguesa a shop we love. I photographed them because I love the colour and then, paying attention to what I had in front of me, I found out they're little bottles of liqueur. so beautiful. some other photos are already at my Redbubble shop. I did my first tees and sticker out of a gorgeous graffiti I edited in Photoshop. happy Sunday to all :) xxo


Lisa Gordon said...

I love these Ana, especially the "shoe shot."
Happy Sunday to you my friend!

Lily said...

It is great to eat out with family and friends. I did same same today!

Wish you a great week!

Jacquelineand.... said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time; love the photographs, especially the wee blue nuns.

Nancy Claeys said...

For some reason I find it amusing that the nuns have alcohol inside. :)

Great shots, Ana. They say it's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission -- that seems to be the way of your photography in public places, so snap away. :)