Wednesday, 22 August 2012

the first thing we bought..

I've to say we're both excited with the balconies (me and my mother). so, after signing, paying and doing all we had to do: we got the keys. yay! now it's our home! ours! okay, for a moment I felt like as if I was whispering "my precious" but I'm good now. so, the first thing we bought to take to our new place were 'cuisine herbs' (to drink as tea and to make the food taste better). we have a new house that is almost three of the old one and we're simply excited with the balconies! our new plants are already there. all the rest is waiting in the old house to be packed and moved. my mother has her idea how it should all go and that is how is going to happen. first we're going to paint two of the rooms and the living room and then we're moving the cats and our beds. so we will spend the day in the old house packing and the night in the new house (with all the kitties). September is going to be a bit messy. I've got the biggest room! and the landlords (they're a couple) are very nice people, they gave us their cellphone number which is a big deal. the landlord we're leaving delegated everything to the agency services. I don't like that approach. I prefer the new one, means they care about the house and are available to talk with us. I'm happy for that too.


cococita said...

Those are great news dear Ana! Do you send me your new post address in a personal message? I am so happy for your mother, for the cats and for you! Enjoy your new place! I hope it will feel as a real home soon!!! Hug and kiss x

Ms. Becky said...

your photo says it all! Love the intimacy of the hands, herbs, the colors. The excitement is palpable and I'm very happy for you Ana dear. wishing you many hours, days, years of happiness in your new home. happy week to you dear.

Jacquelineand.... said...

That's wonderful news and I'm so happy for you, your mother, and the cats....just think, they can run kitty races before long!

I chuckled when I saw the first things you bought were culinary herbs for the balcony; it's the same thing I would do! May your new home be filled with peace and happiness. =)

Lisa Gordon said...

This is such a perfect photograph for this post Ana!
Lots of love here.

Mary said...

That looks lovely for you planting. Fresh herbs are superb.