Thursday, 30 August 2012

why do I love to blog..

this week I started the ecourse Behind the Scenes with the inspiring duo Kim & Xanthe. day one exercise was to think about: why do I love to blog? why do I like to share? and the answer is obvious to me: to connect! I started blogging in 2004 and I had many blogs since then but this is my first in english and honestly the one where I feel more at home (with a sense of belonging) because you, dear friends, connect. 

I didn't have a very easy path (who does! right?), lost husbands and friends and was deeply alone. blogging was a cry for help. but no one would guess it because I only shared happy stuff. it was my way of breathing. I was so sad I couldn't handle my sadness. deep inside I needed feedback and I didn't have it. now I do. I'm learning to speak about myself beyond the fairy tale everyone thought my life was. 

so, why do I love to blog? because I'm less lonely. since I had to retired due to health issues that I live with my mother again. I had to give up my home, my dreams, my adulth life to start over again. away from all I knew. I was ill and needed to heal. I'm still healing and blogging and photography gives me a purpose to live. makes me busy. gives me happy moments. and somehow I started dreaming again. 

(I'm still without internet access, I prescheduled this post so you don't miss me ;) xxo


Zena said...

Ana, I can relate to your words and thoughts. I have experienced the same feelings while blogging, in particular when I started to blog in english. The sense of connection has been amazing but I´ve felt not only connected to the kindred spirits that are out there (and there are a few) but also to myself.

I´m quite sure that my decision to blog and make myself visible has been the best decision I could ever make.

Hugs Z.

Blue said...

Um abraço cheio de amor para ti És uma pessoa mt especial. Mereces o melhor. Beijos doces

emmel-prutsemieke said...

I recognize a lot of your story. Thanks for sharing

Kia said...

A lovely image and a sweet post, Ana. Have a happy day!

What Remains Now said...

Blogging has been a wonderful experience for me too. It keeps me focused and exploring.

anjabythesea said...

Hello Ana,
This is a wonderful, honest post. Writing and being creative has somehow healing powers. Love to read more from you!
xo Anja (from Behind the Scenes)