Sunday, 12 August 2012 o meu novo site

and my beautiful great auntie to give me luck. she is beautiful, don't you agree?

okay, so this Sunday is a little bit crazy. last night I was on my laptop around midnight when I thought 'why not create the site I've been thinking about all week!' and before I thought twice I was doing it!! I bought a domain to make it easy to memorize (I hope) and I did what I could on my laptop. I only keep my photos on the pc so I couldn't finish the slideshow I was thinking about. then, very wisely, around 02am I shut down the computer and went to sleep. my cat was sleeping for hours. all lights off and me turning and turning in bed, thinking about the slideshow. I have anxiety issues, I guess it's obvious. by 04am I was turning on my pc to start searching and selecting all the photos. I even rounded the corners on Photoshop. took me a while. at 06am my mother found out I was awake and she asked for my laptop to play Farmville. so, story short: I've not sleep tonight and I made a site in less then 24 hours. if you wish to see what kept me awake go to :) you might notice most of it is in portuguese, because yay! I'm launching my photographer services and I created this page so people can see my work and/or book a session. let me know what you feel about the images selection, please. thanks!

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Emily Spark said...

I love the new of luck to you!