Sunday, 2 September 2012

A happy evening and a busy Sunday..

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yesterday we didn't do much. after lunch I took a nap with the cats. my sister and my niece (on the photo) came to dinner with us and see the new house. it was an evening well spent, although me and my mother are not so pleasant with each other from time to time (we're both on our limit of physical resistance) but we love each others very much and we hug a lot. Friday, I hurted my knee somehow and I've trouble walking. my sister and niece brought dessert (chocolate cake for me, yummi) and we watched Grey's Anatomy twice.

today we woke up early (around 5am), my mother got up but I went to bed again. I've not been sleeping very well and I'm tired all day. we had planned going to Ikea and so we went. yay! I bought a new bed. I had a small bed in the old house because the room was too tiny, now (tomorrow) I'll have a bigger bed (and my old bed will go to our spare room). I love going to Ikea, but lately there are less employees and they're a bit clumsy. for example, the girl who registered my bed forgot to include the headboard (which was the biggest box on the charriot) if I hadn't left everything there to be delivered no one would have noticed. we left the mall, called a cab and while we were waiting they realized their mistake and called me to go back and pay what was missing. thank God there were no taxis when we left the building or we would be gone and it would be a worst mess. but I'm very excited with my new bed (it's beautiful and so comfortable), I'll publish a photo tomorrow.

the cats act like if they've always lived here. it's so good to see them happy, running around. now they can really run :)

my old bed in my new room


kkkkaty said...

Your niece is very pretty and I'm glad you enjoyed their visit. Good photo of her. The new bed will be wonderful, too. And I hope your knee is better.. said...

You mean the cats actually let you sleep on the bed? :)
Cute picture of your niece with the spoon on her nose.

Danielle said...

Somehow I never learned to do that with a spoon...what a cute photo.

Nancy Claeys said...

I've never been to an Ikea but I've heard great things about the company. Enjoy your new bed -- hopefully you'll get some sleep now. :)

Stampmouse said...

fond memories come up with that picture thanks