Saturday, 29 September 2012

a room with a full moon

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I've got a room with a view (and I love what I see). I've got a full moon on my window (the Universe is giving a daily show for me). actually the daily show is for all of us. I have a magic window. I'm blessed. walked a long road until reaching this spot. a hard road that teached me how I'm blessed. we all are, but each one of us have to find it out alone. I guess I'm also beautiful, although I only see the fat lady on the picture. because once in a while there comes a man on Facebook asking me to marry him. I used to say on my profile I'm single (I like transparency) but now I changed it. first I thought I could say I'm married as a way of saying I'm not interested but then it wouldn't feel right. so now I simply don't say a thing about it. I'm not single anymore, now it's a mystery. I need friends not drama. my stomach almost doesn't hurt (thank you all for caring). today I ate always before taking any medication and I think it helped. 

how is the sky in your corner of the world? do share ;) xxo


Cheryl said...

Such a beautiful view from within and from your window. Sadly my outward view has been rainy, drizzly, or overcast for days. May get a brief glimpse of the full rising moon if the weather folks are right. I'm hopeful.

Nancy Claeys said...

I find the weather can alter my mood dramatically -- but it's been very nice here lately (except for no rain.)

Love the view out your window, Ana. xo

Liam said...

I love that photo! :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

love your wispy moon
and especially your
thanks for the sweet share,

Ahayes1225 said...

Beautiful photo!