Monday, 24 September 2012

ABC's of Ana

I found this fun list at sweet Jessica's blog and decided to play along..

A} Age: 42
B} Bed Size: single and large.
C} Chore you dislike: cleaning.
D} Dogs: only if I had a country house. since I live on a flat I've cats.
E} Essential start to your day: tasty water.
F} Favorite Colors: rainbow ;)
G} Gold or Silver: white gold.
H} Height: 1,64 meters
I} Instruments you play (past/present): I played the flute in Elementary school.
J} Job Title: retired journalist.
K} Kids: nope. a niece that I love as my own.
L} Live: North of Portugal, Europe.
M} Mom’s name: Maria da Conceição
N} Nicknames: Anocas, Anusca
O} Overnight hospital stays: a couple of times for small surgeries.
P} Pet Peeves: taxi drivers.
Q} Quote from a Movie: 'this could be the begining of a beautiful friendship' ~ Casablanca
R} Righty or Lefty: lefty
S} Siblings: two younger sisters whom I adore.
T} Time you wake up: 1pm (I also go to bed around 2am).
U} URL favorite these days: my Etsy shop and doing Etsy treasuries.
V} Vegetables you don’t like: I eat them all but I'm not fond of any (I'm a cheese person).
W} What makes you run late: traffic.
X} X-Rays: teeths and a broken wrist.
Y} Yesterday memory: eating lunch with my mom.
Z} Zoo Animal Favorite: all wild cats and elephants and dolphins and.. and..

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