Sunday, 23 September 2012

Autumn arrived.. and I've a wild wolf

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I found this texture on flickr but when I downloaded it all I got was numbers instead of a file name so I don't know to whom it belongs. sorry! so sorry. if you know, please, name it on the comments. thanks. today autumn looked like himself: windy and rainy all day long. strong showers once in a while. brave people on the street on a rainy Sunday. and I've a wild wolf on my stomach. pure rage. last monday I started reducing the anti-depressant and I believe it's the lack of it. since I don't want to bother my doctor on a Sunday I already took an extra pill. all I want is that it go away. I'm very angry with myself, so angry I almost lost my mind. I don't like this wolf.. the minute I finished the previous sentence I realized a wolf is a xamanic teacher so I stopped writing and I found silence inside of me. and now all I have is silence. maybe is the extra pill.. maybe not!

have you ever felt anger in your body? how would you describe it!? what do you do to relax?


Christian said...

I do know that feeling Ana. Anger, fear, worry. All those things. I'm still trying to figure out how to quiet it. I've taken two yoga classes in the last week. Ana, I love it! I feel such peace in there because it take all you have to focus on your body, the breathing and getting those poses right. It's like an escape and I may be addicted;)

Oh and lots of prayers. That helps me more than all.

Hang in there. You are strong and will defeat that men ol' wolf!

Jacquelineand.... said...

What a luscious photo!

Breathe Ana. Just breathe.

I deal with rage caused by past events as well; the best things (for me) are remembering that feelings are not bad or wrong and remembering to breathe deeply.

When the wolf is on the loose we tighten up our bodies and take shallow, fast breaths. Consciously taking deep slow breaths helps give us back control.

Nancy Claeys said...

Love the image and the texture, Ana.

I agree with Jacqueline... stop and breathe. Count to 10 or 20... whatever it takes.