Tuesday, 25 September 2012

be still, you're protected..

before I was able to edit this photo and start writing this post I had to realize this: be still, you're protected.. nothing was working right until I understood the message was about me. then everything started working again! which gives even more strenght to the message. it's so hard to be still! so many dreams and projects, so much anxiety. be still girl. it's funny but I've never grown up into a woman, I always write about myself as a girl. when I write about myself as a woman I have to think twice. I'm a girl! today I'm sharing with you the view from my window (two hours ago). was the first time I saw birds in the windmill! and the sky was really grey, rain showers and windy. heavy rain. things seem to be into place. I just hope it doesn't rain like this tomorrow morning because I've to take the bus to another doctor's appointment. lol :) happy and demanding!

now! for something completely different.. (this sentence always reminds me of the Monty Pythons and a man with a finger up his nose!) completely different from that: I would like to ask all bloggers that are reading this post to help me make someone else's day. really simple, trully. all you have to do is visit Jessica's blog and follow her by Google Friend Connect (it's right on top of the page). you know how good it feels to see new faces there and she only got three! she is really funny and write very interesting posts, just needs to be found. thanks :) xxo


Anika said...

LOVE it!!

Jacquelineand.... said...

Beautiful photo!

If we were neighbours I'd be feeding you more than biscuits...I didn't get nicknamed Mama Jacqueline for nothing, lol.