Saturday, 1 September 2012

Earth Wonders Interview... Tara Denny

camera: My camera is a Nikon D40, it's not very impressive, I know, but it gets the job done.
lenses: My preferred lens is my Nikkor AF-s DX 55-300 f/4.5-5.6g. My next goal is to get a wide angle lens.
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I'm thrilled to present you the lovely Tara, she is one of the top five active members of the Earth Wonders flickr group. here are some of the beautiful photos Tara added to the group. enjoy :)

when did you first picked up a camera, and what kind was it?
Oh, I've played around with cameras all my life, from my mom's Leica to using up all her polaroid film, then in high school for my photography course, I used my first 35 mm camera, it was a Minolta QT-SI. I loved being able to create stories out of frozen images.

what is your favorite time of day?
Evening. The best light is always in the evening. It's also the hardest time of day for me to catch, with my schedule. So I covet it.

if you were a song, which song would you be?
Hmmm...tough question! Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. That song resonates with me, and always has. I think it's because it's sad and dreamy all at the same time. A little like me.

who or what is your muse? do you have an alter ego?
My daughter is my muse. She's the reason I picked my camera back up in the first place after years! I have many alter egos! My favorite is the kickin' butt and taking names super charged femme fatale one. But she doesn't come out very often.

what is your favorite subject and why?
I should say my daughter, and in a way she is. I love to capture her smiles and little moments of joy.

what is your favorite season and why?
As a photographer, it would be spring, because the world is just bursting with color and opportunity, but for myself, I love the fall. I love the way the whole world seams to be settling in for a nap.

if you could what advice would you give to yourself ten years ago?
I would tell myself that time passes to quickly and life goes by too fast to be angry. Learn to forgive, if not forget. Learn to smile, and learn how to move on.

do you have a motto that you live by?
"It is in changing that things find purpose." I love this quote, though I don't remember where it came from. But it's true. Sometimes things and people don't find their destiny without great change.

thank you dear Tara for sharing your creativity and wisdom. xxo

Carnival time The saddest sight on a summer day poppiesblue Little Bird
Mr. Ashton Poocher Bo in the light. 24/365 purple lilacs in blue bottle
YUM! Forget me nots in my garden Flying South Sleeping Horse color
Gerber Daisy red leaves on blue Pink Flower Eve's great find


Tara Denny said...

Thank You Ana! It's a lovely post and made my whole day to be featured here! It's so kind of you to include so many of my pictures.
I am blogging about this right now!

Nancy Claeys said...

She's a gorgeous lady and I love her images. Thank you for the interview, Ana.

Jana Holden said...

Hi Ana! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I'm in the BTS. I'm enjoying your beautiful photography!

michelle @ this little light said...

Tara's pictures are just exquisite! Thank you for such a great interview and feature. Tara, I LOVE what you'd tell your younger self. So true!

Crockett said...

What a great interview. Thanks for the wonderful words, candid behavior, and elegant photos!!!!