Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I give you my word

these are the hibiscus buttons I mentioned yesterday. I give you my word they're hibiscus although they're different from what I'm used to see. maybe they're new to you too. but you've my word: hibiscus they are! the photo is funny but it's not a good one, the sharpening is on the leaves (the opposite of my intention). today I'm having trouble waking up. at 2am I was writing postcards to other postcrossers. woke up today at 1pm and had lunch. went to the post office to mail the cards and to the grocery to buy 7Up and chocolates. I'm a Coke girl but when I started taking pills to anxiety I realized Coke wasn't helping. I've a strange reaction to caffeine. so I changed to 7Up, still have the sugar and the bubbles. came home barely having my eyes open. slept until 5pm. received two postcards on the mail and registered them. it's how postcrossing works, we send a postcard with a singular ID and when the recipient get it they register that number on the site so we can get the chance to receive one postcard too. today I sent five postcards, when they arrive I'll be able to receive five new ones from all over the world. it's pretty neat. let me know if you're a postcrosser too ;) I would like to have more regular, friendly penpals. xxo

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emmel-prutsemieke said...

I am a post crosser too!