Sunday, 30 September 2012

I'm in Twilight Zone today

either the church bells are crazy or I'm hearing bells. now that I'm writing about it I'm not sure if it's the twilight zone or actually wonderland. the real thing, you know. with a rabbit somewhere in a hurry. I've a terrible headache I'm not going to look for him today. the thing is, I was sleeping and heard the church bells and started counting the hour as I always do. and it was always one hour later then my alarm clock so I conclude it was the last Sunday of October and the hour had changed. when I got up I naturally changed the clocks around the house. my mother even helped me. then, a few minutes ago my mother text me saying we are still in September asking if it was an April's Fool joke. and my brain started working. I blame the headache and the church bells. now they're ringing one hour earlier then the right time. those bells are not okay. someone is needing some tea. and if the Queen of Hearts wants to cut someone's head off it's probably mine that aches already. I think I'm going to bed again. probably the wisest thing to do.

what crazy events have happen to you lately? if any..

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