Friday, 21 September 2012

Om Shanti.. I'm back doing what I love: Reiki

I've already mentioned that I blog since 2004 but didn't say how I started: teaching Reiki. I'm a Master Practitioner for eight years now. when I lived in Lisbon I had a room to teach presentially but with my illness and moving to Porto I've been doing distant attunements for the last few years. all attunements, whether received from a Reiki Master in person or from a distance, work for the same reason: the students have already opened themselves to their Higher Potential. I believe Love find us no matter how. when I got ill I didn't have the strenght to deliver a course in person, I needed time to myself. to heal. but yesterday morning, when I was waking up, the first thing that came to my mind out of nowhere was: start doing presential courses again. and I felt so happy and scared at the same time! am I really ready? Life will teach me that because yesterday I spent the day creating a page for those who wish to sign up. I've open the door again. I've done my share. I'm available again. I'm starting slowly, only teaching in person what my inner child loves the most. now I'm expectant of miracles.

hope you have a blessed weekend.

p.s. I've a few courses in english (didn't translate the manuals) so they're very affordable..
p.p.s. I'm available to give the Gaia-Now Healing Modality FREE attunement to everyone. check this page and if you wish to receive it through me use the 'contact' button here on the right side of the blog to let me know you're interested. xxo

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Nancy Claeys said...

So happy for you, Ana. You know I wish you only the best in this old/new venture. xo