Monday, 17 September 2012

Porto Campus University

today I haven't stopped since I got up. had an appointment with my doctor at the hospital. he liked the photo I offered him. yay! lunched with my mother at the Campus University. took my camera and came home by foot. did a little session with a birdie, which was serendipitous because I had an idea to change the design on sixty-two, but didn't have the pictures I wanted. now I do :) and spent the afternoon creating a new banner, buttons, changing the template. the birdie doesn't have the best background but that is something we cannot negotiate with a bird. we got to feel blessed they don't fly away. this one even posed for me! would love to have your feedback on the new sixty-two. you can comment there instead. and if you didn't know the blog I tell you right now I co-host it with my sweet friend Christian from To Chance Upon Beauty. we share features and do a weekly post on a theme one of us suggested. we even have a flickr group! join the fun! hope you had a happy monday :) xxo

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Jacquelineand.... said...

Definitely a busy day, but so productive as well!