Saturday, 15 September 2012

snippets from my room

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my pc spot. where I am right now. I bought a laptop and use it in bed. but if I want to edit something I need my pc. it's old. have it for six years now. it's where I installed Elements 9 and where I store my photos. I'm saving my laptop from all these heavy software, otherwise I cannot follow some ecourses with videos. this pc is a bit slow and McAfee do updates everyday! everyday!! I can't do anything else on the computer while the updates are going on. usually: one hour waiting. so I use the laptop to read friends, mails, do Etsy treasuries.. have fun. while my poor pc is having trouble diggesting the anti-virus. I've my creative board right in front and the mantra 'om mani padme hum' sculpted in wood on the left. the mantra of Love and Compassion. I feel its energy similar to Mother Mary and my grandma Ana (who passed away on my 14th birthday). Love and Compassion.. my creative board is a bit empty right now, I usually fill it with beautiful postcards I get from postcrossing and friends. have two recent postcards in it, a dandelion photo I love, a dandelion painting and a gentle horse looking at me. I'm happy with this board for now. when I can I will buy them frames on Ikea, probably around Xmas. the two hearts hanging on the board are my mother's gifts. the red one is a Christmas tree decoration, the other one is sculpted in cork and is a memory of my mother's homeland: Alentejo, on the South of Portugal. the original harlequin is a gift from my middle sister. I love its nonsense and abstract shapes. and so my room is getting its personality..

what does my creative board inspire you? xxo


Nancy Claeys said...

I do love that heart ornament. Just perfect! :) said...

I love your presentation here in the vintage frame. I like the horse photo - he does look very gentle.

JennyC said...

I love the idea of a creative bulletin board. I used to have one but it didn't look that tidy. My favorite image you have posted is the girl with the dandelion.

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