Sunday, 30 September 2012

snippets from our living room..

I enjoy camping in each new home, before everything is filled with furniture. this is how we've been in our living room through September. tomorrow all will change. I promise another photo after the moving. I love space. I'll miss it. on the other end we will have two sofas! these chairs are not comfortable not even on a beach (where they belong). and Kuki already pee in one. and she did pee twice on the carpet. my mother has a recipe: first soap then vinegar (to cut the smell). so now it smells like salad while we watch tv.

what do you think of the colors of our room? is it cozy! ;)


Lisa Gordon said...

Ana, this looks wonderful, and just look at all of that gorgeous light coming through the window!

Christian said...

Bad Kuki ;) My cat peed behind my couch on the fabric when he was new. I was so mad! I've forgiven him ;)