Sunday, 16 September 2012

soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur happy kitty sleepy kitty purr purr purr

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this is how I feel lately, not fluffy, not cute: sleepy. I'm sleeping an average of twelve hours per night (and day). I'm taking two Lorenin with the evening medication, the prescription is one but I don't relax enough to have a quiet night (and when I take two I sleep like an angel). tomorrow I'm seeing my psychiatrist after a two month hiatus. I already miss his wisdom that brings me back my sanity. I'm much better now on my own (with the medication) but I like him as a loyal friend. he is the first person in my life who keep his promises. for four years now. so I trust him. this month I left my therapy group, because now I'm also followed by a psychologist at the hospital and I feel more comfortable with her approach. I feel blessed with the doctors I've meet. and with those who are helping me. I see them as guardian angels. I'm thrilled about tomorrow appointment because I'm going to offer my doctor a print of one of my photographs. it's one of my favorites so I hope he likes it too. I bought it at Redbubble. they work with Kodak Endura and photos look so cool. in Portugal there is only Fuji Excellence, I'm not an expert but my eyes prefer Kodak. I'm still waiting to know if the customs will release my photo they're holding. so I don't know if it is a good idea to keep buying prints abroad. but I adivse you: Redbubble prints are the best. try a postcard and you'll notice the difference. Cléo is sleeping provocatively in my bed (this photo have less then one hour) and I feel the urge to make her company. happy Sunday dearests :) xxo

p.s. this weekend Redbubble is giving a 10% discount on T-Shirts and Prints with Coupon Code: MOODYBLUES. also you can get 30% off 16 + Greeting Cards and Postcards :)


Lisa Gordon said...

Ana, I am so glad that you have a doctor you trust and like. That is so important, but sometimes truly so hard to find.

I LOVE this photograph!

Jacquelineand.... said...

Beautiful photo!

So glad you have doctors you like and trust Ana; sleep sweet!

Emily S said...

Ha! Cute photo! I'm glad you feel good about the doctors you's hard to find good doctors you can trust!