Friday, 7 September 2012

staircases and a beautiful lamp..

the last few days have been a bit numb. the heat make everyone sleepy. the days have been so hot that it feels like hell and the wind burns when we breath. on days like these unfortunately there are always some maniac who enjoys burning the woods, which increase the heat and destroy our trees. hopefully it will rain on the weekend. all our flowers on the balconies are dead, the sun is too strong. feels like desert heat and our homes don't have a way to refresh. I love going to the supermarket on days like these, to cool off around the fridges. 

so today I decided to shoot inside the new building. the staircases do a great effect. I used my Pentax. next time I'll try with my Nikon (which is much better, sorry dad). nowadays I'm using my Pentax a lot because it's smaller and lighter.

and here is the entrance lamp. it's what welcomes everyone who enter the building. I think it suits its role perfectly. very vintage don't you agree? ;) our moving is on a hiatus. the kitties are happy at the new home. they really run all over the house, in the evening. sleeping a lot during the day. 

hope your days are fresher..


Jacquelineand.... said...

I hope you get cool breezes soon!

Lisa Gordon said...

Sounds so uncomfortable, Ana.
I hope it cools off for you real soon.