Tuesday, 25 September 2012

twelve paws and three tails

we've four cats as you probably know already. but what you might not know is that three of them sleep in my bed. there is no room for me!! the other one, the tiniest adult cat I've ever seen, is my mother's guardian, always following her around. they sleep together too. when I go to bed I've to close my companions in the kitchen. Cléo sometimes meows all night. this is Axé (the male) pinky paw. the females have them black. someone once told me it's a sign of wilderness. Axé on the other end is very Zen and gentle (except when I carry him to the kitchen). I was writing this title and remembered an invitation I got today on the mail to spend 12.12.12 in Hawai! wild :) wish I could go! since I can't: have to come up with an idea for that day. join a meditation group, for example! if the weather allows: go near the ocean. something peaceful :)

do you have any idea we could do together on 12.12.12? share it! would love to know..


Jacquelineand.... said...

Hmmm, let me think about it...

Lisa Gordon said...

LOVE this little paw, Ana.

I've not thought about December yet, but I guess i better start doing so. Time seems to be flying by.