Tuesday, 2 October 2012

a dog walking a man instead..

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often I'm followed by street dogs. they walk by my side and go wherever I go. at least they try. happens when I look them in the eyes. they sort of adopt me. once, in Lisbon, a dog followed me underground to the subway station. one of the securities had to scare him out. there where a lot of stairs but that dog walked them all on my trail. makes me sad but I can't have them. today it happened again. a dog walked with me inside the Campus mall. it was funny to see the security guy trying to lead him to a door. looked more like a dog walking a man through the mall. this one wasn't scared, he just wanted to be within people.

do you have a similar story? do dogs follow you! or is it cats ;)

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Buttons said...

Cool I do know that you must be a wonderful person to attract the attention of these beautiful creatures "they can see into your soul" my Grandma used to say. Lucky girl B