Thursday, 11 October 2012

egg yolk with tons of sugar and happy news..

just ate an egg yolk mixed with tons of sugar. there is no chocolate home! the foggy day sticked to my skin and I'm more lazy than usual. laaazy.. sounds like Homer Simpson drooling over donuts! lol :) this is a view from my window. even the seaguls seem to be waiting for something. not long ago there were one on each chimney. a sight to see. laaazy.. but I've got happy news! next month my sister and niece are moving home too. I think it's so exciting to change the corners of our house. we moved because in one of my photographic tours we found a better place to rent. they're moving because my sister changed job and have to commute everyday not having time to drop my niece at school anymore and with the winter coming she would have to wait for the bus in the rain. they're moving to a place across the school. I'm happy that in the middle of an economical crisis we continue taking chances as usual. change is good :) somehow gives me hope for better days.

what gives you hope on foggy days? xxo


Nancy Claeys said...

An egg yolk with sugar? Never tried that one!

Foggy days seem to beckon me to the kitchen to cook or bake something.

Ms. A said...

Egg yolk with sugar? How could that be a substitute for chocolate, pray tell?

Jacquelineand.... said...

Yay for happy news and having your family closer!

Sofia Morgado said...

Hey kiddo! ;)
I've got this thing for foggy days... If I'm not feeling that lazy I may even get out for a car drive. I love driving in the fog. I find it really cozy. Crazy me! :P

Buttons said...

Oh I am excited for you to have your sister and niece. Yeah this will be good for you.
I love foggy days. B